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Pre/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy- Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Preoperative rehabilitation programs prepare people for surgery and help them recover from injuries more quickly. A preoperative rehabilitation program's goals are to mentally prepare for surgery, reduce pain and inflammation before surgery, maximize the range of motion and muscular control of the injured body part, gait training, educate patients on what to expect after surgery; precautions, and post-surgical exercises, and improve overall well-being and fitness.

Post-surgical rehabilitation plans aim to reduce pain and swelling, restore joint mobility, flexibility, and strength, and ensure the integrity of the surgery. Physiotherapy is typically started immediately after surgery to help patients recover safely and return to daily activities as quickly as possible. Most procedures have a protocol that physiotherapists will guide you through and progress as appropriate. The first phase immediately following surgery concentrates on reducing pain and swelling. In the following stages, treatment focuses on corrective exercise and manual techniques to improve range of motion, strength, and dynamic stability, striving to return to pre-injury function. Your surgeon will advise you when your postoperative rehabilitation program can begin.

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy- Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Treatment for Pre/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists at Fizo Kare Physiotherapy Centre will customise a preoperative rehabilitation programme that can help you improve your strength, balance, and flexibility before your surgery. Such a program may result in better outcomes after surgery since it can shorten the length of your hospital stay and reduce the need for postoperative rehabilitation. We will focus on several areas, including your strength, balance, flexibility, joint stability, cardiovascular fitness, and range of motion. Most preoperative rehabilitation programs last four to six weeks, depending on your needs.


Our physiotherapists at Fizo Kare Physiotherapy are trained in postoperative rehabilitation and can help you recover from injury or surgery. We will teach you pain management techniques and create an exercise plan for faster recovery. We can show you how to get on and off a chair, use assistive devices, and improve your mobility in the postoperative rehabilitation programme. A physical therapist can be crucial for returning to your regular activity. We can help reduce the side effects of surgery, such as pain and inflammation. On top of that, we will assist patients before and after ligament repair, arthroscopy, decompressions, tendon transfers, total joint replacements, and ACL repairs. Our rehabilitation programme can decrease the risk of complications and help you achieve a full range of motion.

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