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Hip Injury & Pain

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy Centre- Hip Injury and Hip Pain

Hip Injury & Pain

Hip pain is a common complaint that can affect anyone, young or old. Many problems can cause this pain. The location of the hip pain can provide essential clues about the underlying cause. Hip pain can occur anywhere in or around the hip joint. However, it may also appear in other body parts, such as the groin, thigh, or knee. This condition is called referred hip pain.

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy Centre- Hip Injury and Hip Pain

Symptoms & Causes of ​Hip Injury & Pain

We can experience hip pain anywhere around the hip joint or other body parts such as the groins, thighs or knees (referred hip pain).


The symptoms of hip injury & pain are:

  • Limping

  • Painful while sitting, squatting or pivoting

  • Pain in groin or upper thigh

  • Hip pain till the knees

  • Sharp or stabbing pain

  • Weakness or stiffness around the hip

  • Swelling in the hip

  • Trouble sleeping due to the compression on the hip

  • Perthes Disease (a condition that may occur in growing children between the age of 4 to 10. It is characterised as a temporary loss of blood supply to the hip. The ‘ball’ in the hip’s socket becomes inadequate, causing the bone to break down without an adequate blood supply.)

The hip very essential to keep us able to stand and sit upright and mobile because it is one of the most stable joints in the body. Pain in the muscles, tendons, or bursae (fluid-filled cavities that cushion the joints) can be caused because most of our body’s weight rests on the hip.

​The causes of hip injury & pain are:

  • Arthritis

  • Hip fractures

  • Bone or joint infections

  • Osteonecrosis of the hip (when the bone breaks down due to a loss of blood flow)

  • Tendinitis

  • Sciatica

  • Hip labral tear

  • Bursitis

  • Hamstring or hip flexor strain

  • Femoroacetabular impingement (hip impingement), a structural bone disorder that makes the bones rub against each other during movement

  • Groin strain

  • Snapping hip syndrome

  • Bone cancer

  • Leukemia

  • Osteoporosis

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy Centre- Hip Injury and Hip Pain

Treatment for ​Hip Injury & Pain

Our physiotherapists at Fizo Kare Physiotherapy Centre can assist in the recovery by diagnosing the symptoms and causes of hip pain. In some situations, a referral for an X-ray, ultrasound, or MRI scan may be required for us to determine an appropriate and effective treatment plan. We will customise a treatment plan depending on the cause of the hip pain.

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