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Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Get Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Treatment From Our Physiotherapists

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy- Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

A motor vehicle accident can cause numerous injuries. However, head, neck, and back injuries tend to be the most severe. The most common problems associated with motor vehicle accidents are concussions, whiplash, skull fractures, neck pain, back pain, tendonitis, and dislocation.

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy- Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Symptoms & Causes of Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Whiplash injury is an acceleration-deceleration injury when our necks abruptly move backward then forward during motor vehicle accidents and sports and falls. This quick and sudden movement causes injury to the soft tissues and muscles surrounding the neck. It can also affect other body parts, such as the shoulders and back.

Concussions are considered mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). A concussion is caused by any force that causes the brain to move rapidly within the skull. During motor vehicle accidents, the whiplash motion of the neck will cause concussion because it subsequently forces the brain to hit the inside of the skull rapidly.

The brain will not be able to function normally, and the ability to perform everyday activities with the same speed, time to react, and precision is significantly altered after a concussion. In addition, with each concussion, there is a slight chance of permanent brain damage; therefore, proper treatment and management of this injury are essential.

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy- Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Treatment for Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Our physiotherapists at Fizo Kare Physiotherapy Centre can help support the recovery process and ease the pain from motor vehicle accidents by gradually improving flexibility, increasing strength, and speeding up the recovery process.

In addition, physiotherapy treatments can help prevent long-term damage and chronic pain; therefore, patients will not rely on pain relief medications.

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