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Knee Injury & Pain

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy- Knee Pain Knee Injury

​Knee Injury & Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint affecting people of all ages, especially athletes, sports players, and the elderly. This pain can affect movements and even debilitate them in some circumstances.

Growing children that experience knee pain will reduce their participation in physical activities and lead to other problems later in life. In addition, developmental changes (changes in the posture of the knees) can affect their knees' function.

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy- Knee Pain Knee Injury

Symptoms & Causes of ​​Knee Injury & Pain

The symptoms of knee injury & pain are:

  • Swelling and stiffness

  • Redness and warmth to the touch on the knees

  • Limping

  • Popping and crunching noises

  • Unable to bend or fully straighten the knee

  • Weakness or instability

​The causes of knee injury & pain are:

Fizo Kare Physiotherapy- Knee Pain Knee Injury

Treatment for ​Knee Injury & Pain

Our physiotherapists at Fizo Kare Physiotherapy Centre can help to reduce knee pain significantly. In addition, we will also help improve the mobility of the knee and flexibility of the leg. We will relieve the stiffness in the knee and reduce the stress upon the joints in the knee. We will also rebuild the knee joint muscles to prevent further knee or leg injuries.

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