Conditions Relating to Elderly / Geriatric Physiotherapy

Conditions Relating to Elderly / Geriatric Physiotherapy

Geriatric physiotherapy is the application of physical therapy techniques to the problems faced by seniors. It is important because many issues are involved with ageing the human body. Changes in capillary density and thickening of vascular walls prevent blood from flowing freely, which increases pain sensations by making muscles work harder to get the blood flowing again. The physical activity status in a person influences vascular function, which in turn explains alterations in muscle blood flow. This all explains why an ageing person might have aches or pains. Fortunately, this can be prevented or at least delayed by effective physiotherapy treatments.


Conditions Relating to Elderly

Geriatric physiotherapy covers a wide range of issues concerning people as they grow older; some of these conditions include but are not limited to:


Treatment for Conditions Relating to Elderly / Geriatric Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists at Fizo Kare Physiotherapy Centre will provide an initial treatment plan based on a thorough clinical examination to determine the patient's functional limitations, areas of dysfunction, and mobility restrictions. We then develop and implement a practical physiotherapy treatment programme that focuses on improving balance and coordination, muscle strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility to prevent falls, and reducing the risk of injury and body pain.

On top of that, we will apply manual therapy to improve a patient's range of motion they may have lost due to an injury or lack of use to improve their mobility, reduce pain, and improve circulation.

Education is paramount in helping patients learn ways of performing daily tasks safely. We teach seniors how to use assistive devices and protect themselves from further injury, most often a fall. Physiotherapy can help seniors feel better and enjoy a higher quality of life. Although it cannot stop the process of aging, it can help reduce the impact on their bodies.

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